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50 Shades of Greyscales - Fishermen vs Union

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Yesterday evening, I got a game in against Kev’s Union Team – we were one model (Greyscales) away from fully painted which was nice. I was intending to give Greyscales a real go, to see what he could do, after multiple lacklustre performances in previous games, and Kev was just playing his second game with the Union.

Fishermen vs Union

Fishermen Team:







Union Team:






Avarice (and Greede)

I won the roll off and elected to receive. Mist kicked the ball over to my extreme left wing, close to the board edge.

Turn 1

After checking he’d be able to reach the ball and pass back to Siren, I allocated 4 influence to Greyscales, 6 to Shark, 1 to Kraken, 1 to Siren and nothing to either Angel or Salt. The Union immediately deployed Greede by the Goal, and allocated 2 to Mist, 3 to Decimate (also on the left), 2 to Avarice, 3 to Blackheart and 3 to Gutter.

Greyscales used ‘Where’d he go?’ to dodge 4” towards the ball, he then sprinted close enough to pick it up, and used the remainder of his movement to back off towards Siren. He passed the ball to her, but missed. Luckily, the scatter was only and inch, so she was still able to take possession, but didn’t start building me any momentum… Not the best first touch. He used his last influence to activate ‘Decoy’, just in case Mist decided to have a go at him.

Decimate sprinted forwards and used ‘Second Wind’ on Mist. Salt Jogged forwards on my right flank. Avarice sprinted forwards in the centre. Angel jogged up near to Salt. Gutter Sprinted forwards and tried to use ‘Chain Grab’ twice on Salt, but missed the dodgy Otter with both attempts.

Siren jogged forwards a little bit and passed successfully to Shark. Missed sprinted forwards, threw down some smoke near to Siren, and then used the jog from ‘Second Wind’ to move into the smoke cloud, engaging Siren and Kraken.

Kraken, surprised to find himself with a target, advanced slightly and took a swing at Mist. Mist had cover from the smoke, but this was cancelled out by the ganging up bonus that Siren was providing. After a poor roll however, Kraken missed completely… Greede moved backwards to try and defend the Goal.

Shark charged Avarice, but in a spectacular display of how not to do it, managed to only score 4 hits out of 10 dice, despite only needing 2’s to hit. That’s 6 1’s for those that are too shocked to process it… I chose to have him push Avarice away, and then dodge 1” closer to the goal for some Momentum, and then had him use ‘Tidal Surge’ to get in range and take a shot on goal. Coin was in the way (my opponent had though that Greede and Blackheart would also be intervening, but had misread the diagram in the rule book as just needing the ball path to be in your melee zone rather than crossing your base, so Shark managed to score a goal, using the generated momentum to ‘run the length’, dodging to the left and closer to the goal. My opponent played the ‘Make a Game of It’ plot card to get some bonus influence next turn.

The ball kicked out to the right, and Blackheart followed after it, gaining possession and starting to move down my right. Coin moved forwards.

4 – 0 Fishermen

Turn 2

I lost the initiative this turn. Avarice got 3 Influence, Decimate got 4, Coin got 1, Mist got 2, Blackheart got 2, Gutter got 3 and Greed got none. I gave Shark 4, Greyscales 2, Angel 4, Kraken 3 and none to Siren and Salt.

Avarice went first, moving into range of Shark. He declared and an attack and I played the new version of ‘Don’t touch the hair!’ so that I could dodge after his first swing. He was hoping for a knockdown, but had to settle for using ‘Singled Out’ on Shark, before Shark dodged away, leaving him swinging at nothing with his remaining influence.

Shark decided to go next, using his Legendary Play ‘Caught in a net’ to reduce the speed of Avarice, Greede, Decimate and Coin. With nothing much better to do (Coin was blocking him from getting a clear line to Blackheart), he charged Greede, in the hope of picking up some cheap points by taking him out. His high defence made this harder however, and the charge resulted in Greede getting ‘Gut & String’, and the follow up attacks dealing 2 damage for the first and narrowly missing the same for the second, choosing a momentous dodge rather than a single point of damage.

Coin was forced to sprint to get a 3” move towards Gutter, giving her a ‘Bag of Coin’ to improve her chances later. Seeing this, Angel decided to move back – I had originally intended her to try and get the ball from Blackheart, but her prospects were looking dicey. She put up ‘Nimble’ and ‘Super shot’ as she had the influence, but positioned herself with Salt firmly in the way.

Gutter went for the Otter, who she obviously had some kind of problem with, dealing 3 damage via ‘Scything Blows’ on her first strike, and dealing an extra point of damage with her second. Kraken decided he’d rather deal with her than with Mist, walking away from him (I realised that thanks to Tough hide, there was literally nothing Mist could do to him if he wasn’t holding the ball), ‘Harpooning’ Gutter in, and Knocking her down at his feet.

Decimate charged Greyscales, but couldn’t get base to base due to Shark’s net. Due to my opponent’s unfamiliarity with my team, I warned him about ‘Unpredictable Movement’, but he elected to carry on, as no one else was in reach anyway. Greyscales dodged away, and Decimate used her remaining influence to get ‘second wind’, jogging back into melee with Greyscales.

Siren just moved around Mist a little. Greede activated but did nothing (with ‘Caught in a Net’ and Gut & String’, he had no movement). Salt backed off a little to give Angel her increased defence again.

Mist used ‘Where’d he go?’ to dodge away from her, and jogged to the right of my Goal, engaging Angel, but not engaged by her. He took a swing at her, but could only score a point of damage due to her high defence. Greyscales couldn’t quite catch up to Mist, so he dodged away from Decimate and sprinted further up the board getting ready for the next drive up the board.

Blackheart went last, but despite using Shadowlike and sprinting down field, he was still too far away to pass to Mist, so he elected to hold onto the ball at the end of the turn.

4 – 0 Fishermen

Turn 3

I won initiative. I allocated 4 to Siren, 2 to Greyscales, 2 to Shark, 3 to Kraken, 2 to Angel and none to Salt. Avarice had 3, Decimate had 2, Gutter had 2, Mist had 2, Coin had 1 and Blackheart had 3.

Siren went first, advancing to within 6” of Blackheart, and hitting him with ‘Seduction’, forcing him to pass successfully to her. She used the generated momentum to ‘pass and move’ 4” towards Greyscales and used her last influence to pass to him. This was also successful, and he used the generated momentum to dodge closer to the goal.

Decimate activated next, but found she was again too far away to charge him without him dodging out of range. Instead, she gave herself ‘Second Wind’ and sprinted into his melee range. I chose not to dodge (as she couldn’t make any attacks) and he jogged round him, still engaging him.

Kraken activated and moved around the knocked down Gutter to get Blackheart in ‘Harpoon’ range. However, with 3 swings at Gutter he was unable to generate enough hits to trigger his play and ended up doing about 5 damage to her.

Coin gave Avarice ‘Bag of Coin’. Shark charged back into Greede, taking him out. Blackheart used Commanding Aura and took out Salt. Greyscales used ‘Where’d he go?’ to dodge closer to the Goal and shoot, using the momentum he generated from scoring to ‘run the length’ back toward the centre.

The ball kicked out to a position a few inches in front of Avarice. Gutter stood up, smacked Kraken back triggering ‘Chain grab’ to pull Angel in, then attacked Kraken again, triggering

‘Scything Blows’ dealing nasty damage to both of them with the benefit of Blackheart’s commanding aura and healing herself to boot. Angel tried to attack her back, but failed to achieve anything noticeable.

Mist moved as quickly as he could to get to the left and closer to the ball. Avarice charged at Siren, picking up the ball on the way passed. He Knocked her down, and then passed the ball to Mist, who dodged with the ball to get away from Siren.

10 – 2 Fishermen

Turn 4

I managed to win initiative again. I allocated 4 to Siren, 3 to Shark, 3 to Greyscales and 3 to Kraken, with Angel getting nothing. Decimate got 4, Mist got 2, Blackheart got 2, Gutter got 2 and Avarice got 2.

I started with Siren. She was just out of range to use ‘Seduction’ on Mist after forfeiting her movement to stand up, so she would have to get creative. She attacked Avarice, netting herself a 2” dodge, which brought her into range of Mist, while still engaging Avarice thanks to her 2” melee zone. She attacked him again, getting enough to trigger an auto hitting seduction, making Mist pass the ball to her. She used the momentum generated to dodge 4” back towards Greyscales, but this wasn’t far enough, so she made sure to keep within 2” of Avarice for an additional attack, giving her a further 2” dodge, which she used to get within pass range of Greyscales. She used her last influence to pass the ball to him, and he dodged further away from Decimate again.

Decimate was again unable to pin Greyscales down, charging him, but seeing him slip away again. She used ‘Second wind’ to follow up, but it was a simple matter for Greyscales to dodge away from her and score the winning goal!

Final Score: 14 – 2 to the Fishermen!

Post-Game analysis

Wow, Greyscales really stepped up in this game – scoring twice and keeping Decimate from doing anything of note all game was a far better performance. Siren was also another star player, with her impressive movement of the ball about 22” from a model in range to score against me to a model in range to score for me in one activation on the final turn being a particular high light.

Conversely, Angel did very little in this game, after being a constant goal scoring threat previously, and I may have been too cautious with her in turn 2 – perhaps this kept her alive, but it definitely kept her from doing anything useful… Kraken also had a relatively uneventful game. He’s generally the rock around which my team plays, keeping opponent’s focused on him and generating momentum from Knockdowns. Here he missed a few relatively simple attacks and although he had some successes, he wasn’t getting a huge amount of work done.

Kev was disappointed by his performance here, but he is still learning the ropes with the Union. Although there were a few key points where things could have gone better (Mist came back way too far on turn 3 – there was no need to get some close to Siren, and if he’d been further away, she would have struggled to do the passing play she did), I think this will come with more experience with the team.

I’m really pleased with how my tactics are starting to develop with the Fishermen – hoping to attend a few tournaments over the summer – sadly missing a few over the next few weeks due to holidays, but hopefully I’ll get the chance to test myself outside the local meta soon (insert your own “big fish, small pond” joke here!)

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Nice game by the sounds of it. 


But assume Kev wont be falling for some tricks so easily next time round. Kraken getting the harpoon and release is nasty.


Bit confused on Greyscales so evasive for Decimate, with his 2" melee.

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Basically, because of Decimate's 2" melee, she needed to finish base to base with Greyscales in order for him to not just dodge away from her so she was outside of 2". With him always activating after her, he was able to dodge and move to more than 9" away (or received passes that allowed him another dodge) so she wasn't able to catch him.

She was well within 9" on the second turn, but her movement had been reduced down to 2"/5" by Shark, and again this wasn't enough for her to get base to base, so she couldn't keep him in melee.

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I've definitely got a new found respect for him after this game! This pretty much makes everyone must have for me now though - I don't really have much room for Jac or Union players at the moment (although some are certainly appealing!)

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I feel like I need someone like fangtooth with momentous damage but I just can't see who to swap out. Hopefully after a few games with fisheries I will have some ideas

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Im also struggling to sub any of the core fishermen. Gutter is the one Id bring in if I could.

Yeah, Gutter is the standout Union player that Fishermen can bring for me. She's pretty quick and okay on the ball, with some movement tricks and the ability to do some momentous damage. I'm not convinced that it's needed though - after thinking I'd win some games with 2 goals and 2 take outs, I'm generally finding I need 3 goals, so inflicting damage is often just a distraction...

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Thats one thing i have noticed about a lot of teams. You want to make just one change, but most of the time the core team does what you want them to.


Alchemists and Fishies being a prime example of this.

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6 1's out of ten dice on the first turn! Yeah that sounds just like my luck lately

Yeah, that was an impressively poor roll - luckily I'd loaded him up, so he didn't really need that charge attack for anything too important, but it was still a shock!

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