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The Fall of Cottus Asper

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Thought I'd start my Fisherman related story here, not sure where its going to go I just usually left the characters have the rein. Which any decent author will tell you that's the one thing you don't do.


The biting cold meant Guild Master Cottus Asper was more disagreeable than usual, and he was usually, very disagreeable. 


Since being a young apprentice some 50 years ago, the cold had hunted him more efficiently each year and now it had him firmly in its grasp. This month, the month of Æfterra Gēola was the worst. It was the darkest, the bleakest and the most severe. Looking out over the field today the sun was at its zenith but radiated no heat into a dull gray sky.


Sitting in the viewing shelter, wrapped in a large woflskin, supping a hot spiced wine Cottus still envied the young apprentices of his Guild taking to the field. Their leather jerkins would be supple from the hours spent kneading fish oil into the leather, the boiled leather chest plates however would be hard and unyielding and the steel of the Poleyn and Cruisse that covered the thighs would be icy and wet to the touch.


The Fishermen’s rivals were also taking the field on the opposite side. The meeting of these two teams was always a game heavy with underlying menace. Three years previous blight had struck the land across the channel and moved swiftly enough, that foreign trade vessels had landed the disease before the Apothecary Guild could produce a cure. The disease ravaged livestock numbers quickly, and then just as quickly abated. The Butchers Guild however were still feeling the effects. Forced changes to the diet of the nobility had brought with it new challenges to produce the best fare.  Members of the Cuisinier Guild quickly embraced the many different creatures of the sea and the reputation and growth of the Fishermans Guild surged.


The Butcher team however, were not suffering from the political weakening of their Guild, if anything it was driving them forward as a Guild Ball team. No quarter was given and the other Guilds were feeling the Butchers frustration and anger each time they met.


To Be Continued 

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Very cool, you and Gary have had a great idea with this. For some reason I never though about 'stories' for Guild Ball. My head went straight to plots and events. You've done a great job adding personality.

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Did you post this on the KS at some point? I feel like I've read it before lol.


Regardless really well done, I really like the way you've managed to characterize Cottus, the grizzled old sailor vibe translates well. Looking forward to the rest of the read. 

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Yeah wanted to drop it on here as it was always meant to just be the opening paragraphs to a full story unfortunately life seems to be getting in the way of free time at the moment

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At last, taking far more time than I thought here's Pt2


The game kicked off with Greyscales sprinting forward and in one seamless move collecting, pivoting and laying the ball off for Shark to run on to.

Angel and Siren were doing their damnedest to attract the attention of the Butcher Midfield as they raced down the left flank. Boiler and Shank peeled away towards their right wing to intercept them.

Taking the ball up the right wing at a rate of knots, Shark ignored the Butcher defence to chip the ball into air and watched it arch majestically over the stranded Boar and onto the Butchers goal. The crowd were in parts elated and stunned, dependant on their allegiance.


Barely had Shark drawn breath when ball was fired over the player’s heads towards the mid-way line.

Ox turned and stormed out from the centre rear of the Butchers formation, his sights set on a vulnerable and out of position Shark. Boiler and Shank were closing on Angel and Siren.

Greyscales became aware of three things simultaneously; Brisket crossing the field from the right wing towards the ball, Boar charging straight up the middle and Kraken shouting.


“Go for the ball, go for the ball”



With complete trust that Kraken will deal with Boar, Brisket or possibly both, Greyscales heads toward the ball. Much to Greyscales chagrin Brisket nips in to gather the ball fractions of a second before him, just as an almighty thud signals the collision of Kraken and Boar.

Body swerving Greyscales, Brisket heads for the Fishermen’s goal, Greyscales curses, but is quickly on her tail. Despite his best attempt Brisket pulls away and with and the outside of her boot smacks the ball wide, only for it to curl in beautifully and hit the goal target dead centre.

The Butcher fans were in an uproar screaming Briskets name; some possibly trying to warn her as Greyscales took his chance to Rabbit Punch her violently to the back of the head, rendering her unconscious immediately. The Butcher crowd were incensed and surged forward, but as they’re all well aware, there is only one rule.....No Murder! and this is reasonably flexible.


The ball sailed towards the halfway line again, totally ignored by all except Greyscales. Ox and Shark, Boiler and Angel, Shank and Siren, Kraken and Boar were all beating seven bells out of each other. Princess, upon seeing her mistress, Brisket unmoving on the pitch had ran forward and suddenly was in a prime position to snatch the ball, which she did quite comfortably. Racing along the pitch controlling the ball between front paws and nose, her speed and agility made evading Greyscales easy.

She sped past and closed on the goal. Princess locked her jaws onto the ball. Then in one smooth leaped high into the air and flicked the ball forward against the goal ensuring the butchers took the lead. As the crowd shouted their approval Princess headed quickly over to Brisket and sat at her side licking her mistress’s face.


Once more Greyscales headed towards the centre circle as the ball was released by the goal mechanism. The ball veers left and short. Momentarily distracted by a face in the crowd Shark takes a head butt to the bridge of his nose knocking him down, Ox takes his chance and breaks away heading in field.


“C’mon lads, one more”


Boiler spins away from Angel and rushes to join with his Captain. Elsewhere things weren’t going so well, Kraken was busy practising his kicking skills with a knocked down Boars head. Siren had broken away from Shank and was joining Angel in her pursuit of Boiler. Greyscales assessed the danger immediately, Boiler closing on the ball with Ox moving to his side to protect him.


“Kraken, Kraken, stop the kid!” Greyscale tries in vain to be heard above the crowd noise.


Boiler gathers the scattered ball and with Ox to his left Ox they close in on the Fishermen’s goal. Greyscales is  confused to see Kraken move to his right gauging the best line to intercept Ox.

The Fishermen Defender steadies himself as Ox, breathing hard, pounds towards him and drops his shoulder squarely into the chest of the Fisherman.  Kraken is unmoved and raises a wry smile as Ox is dumped on his backside. Boiler skips past both Greyscales and Kraken and from close range scores the winning goal.


Reaching down Kraken wraps his massive fist around the right ankle of Ox and in one clean move snatches the leg upwards whilst dropping his weight unto the rigid knee joint. Ox’s leg snaps upwards below the knee to form an unnatural ninety degree angle.


Ox’s screams are mercifully cut short as a wave of unconsciousness sweeps over him.


An ominous silence descends on the crowd. The Butchers fans stunned at seeing their Captain brutalised in this way. The Fishermen fans gutted at the loss of a game they should have won..


For two spectators “the game” was just beginning. In the far Eastern corner of the crowd a tall hooded figure started to move away. The icy cold meant many of the crowd were wrapped in hooded cloaks making it easy for him to blend in. On the North side a broad squat figure also pushed his way through the crowd, less concerned about being noticed.


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poor Ox!


great stuff...there'll be an announcement about it later in the year but one of my plans is for an update book (digital or physical, not sure yet) that will introduce a few more players for each team but will mostly focus on a whole bunch of story and fluff...i'm aiming for Sprin gnext year for this...


why do i mention it? well, between Sherwin and myself we'll be looking for community generated content to review/edit and include in the book...so if you want to see your stuff published then get writing and start sending it over...

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Ouch... that's gonna leave a nasty bruise!


Can't believe I only just realised the next bit was up... I'm enjoying this, and may actually be getting the old typing itch myself.

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Just a little to get me back in the swing after an enforced bout of laziness


“What were you thinking?”

“I was thinking of Corsair.”

“You were thinking of Corsair, well you should have been thinking of the win!” Burkes voice was breaking he was shouting so hard, his eyes more red than white, his face more purple than red.

Burkes rant continued. “Do you know how much your little act of stupidity will cost us.” Snot bubbles formed at the ends of Burke’s nose and as he spat each word.

“Take it out of my retainer” Kraken drawled.

“Take it out of my retainer!” screeched Burke.

Suddenly, Burke was travelling through the air backward; he slammed into the wall of the preparation room, a giant hand crushing him against the rough-hewn stonework. Purple darkness was closing in, narrowing Burkes vision until all he could see was a large, bald, tattooed head pushing up close to his.

“Listen you little Fonkin,” Kraken growled


A slim figure appeared in the archway to Krakens left,

“Put the bean counter down Kraken, we’re off to The Lobster Pot” Angel spoke gently, but her voice cut through the tension.

Kraken released his grip on the unfortunate Guild Archivist and turned to walk away. Burke hit the stone floor, a wet area spread as he lay in a crumpled heap.

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