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Pledge arrived... but missing 3d terrain and doors!

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I am posting this here as - due to being a "late" backer - I am unable to post on the Kickstarter page! :(

I backed the "Resident Evil 2" boardgame and have now received my pledge. I ordered *everything* x3 (meaning three entire copies of the game and all addons) and one extra dice set. Everything has arrived, it seems, except for the 3d door and 3d terrain packs (unless they are hiding inside one of the expansion boxes???).

How do I get my 3d door and terrain packs sent to me ASAP? I have sent an email to Steamforged support but got an automated reply that "they may take awhile to answer" as they were experiencing a "high volume" of emails! Do I need to contact the shipping partner (Aetherworks) who shipped my pledge, or will Steamforged handle things themsleves?

I am also backing another Steamforged game on KS and am now a bit worried that pledge will have issues too...

EDIT: I'm also missing the 4th Survivor expansion/addon (x3). Not sure if anything else too, as I can't access BackerKit since the project is listed as "closed" now! :(

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