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Hi all,

I never get to play him much but what are your thoughts about silence? Any particular match-ups you find him key in? I often worry he is a trap as yes he can mess with your opponents order of activation issues but that is at the expense of your activation (often your first activation). How have people been using him?


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He shines if you know when to use him.

You can stop your opponent generating momentum from the ball by making the player with the ball go last. Hurts football teams massively if all of a sudden the person with the ball can't do anything, and their team needs the ball to win.

If you are expecting a model to activate late in the turn with a buff, he can stop that buff from being cast in time with shutout or tucked. Blackheart/Scalpel etc don't like it when they're forced to move before set up. 

Similarly, against an esters lineup, you can mitigate esters character play buffs by casting tucked to remove the resilience, followed by shutout to make her activate last. 

He's really what puts morts on the map as a control team IMO. I take him every matchup. If you can't see a way of using tucked or shutout, it's ok because he's got momentous 2 on 2 net hits or fire blast. He's also a viable ball handler when dirge is near. 


Edit: my awful grammar...

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