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Tactics for a new player

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Hi all. New to guild ball and only played 4 games so far in season 4 and am looking for some advice.

I’ve played the below team in the 4 games and had the following results (12-6 L to Ox Butchers) (12-2 W vs Fillet Butchers) (12-0 L to Shark Fish) (12-2 L to Corsair Fish)



V. Harmony


V. Chisel



I’ll be honest the beat down game doesn’t appeal to me and the win I got had 2 goals scored by Hammer in his first 2 activations.


I’m looking at a kicking game going forward and wondered on people’s comments for the below list as well as any tips and tricks they have picked up along the way.

I was thinking:





V. Chisel



And Lucky hovering around the list too as I quite like him, and he doesn’t seem too bad for a kicking game. Plus I like being able to clear conditions depending who I come up against (no idea who I would drop for him though?).


Any comments on the line up and tips and tricks would be really appreciated. I’m off to a 5-game tournament this Saturday and although I’m a dead cert to be taking home the wooden spoon I wouldn’t mind trying out a team I can have a lot of fun with.

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Hi there, 

Sorry I wasn't able to reply before the event (I hope you had fun)

I'm going to be honest, if the beat down game doesn't appeal, then Mason's are not an ideal team for you.

We are the flexible team. In some matchups you'll want to beat them up, in some matchups you want to try and score.

But really a 2/2 game is a lot easier to get for masons than a 3/0.

If I was to play a goals 3/0 team I would play:








O-chisel is a very good retriever with a momentous tackle on 1, reach 2 and tac 6.


If you played this team into me, I would hide the ball in a huge scrum and dare you to come and get it.

If you look at the teams that aim to go 3-0 they have tech to get the ball that isn't tackling. 

Examples: Siren- making them pass the ball from range / Balls Gone / Vet Sakana who can tackle someone nearby to get the ball.

Because Masons arn't a 3/0 team they don't have access to any of this, which means that whilst the above team CAN go 3/0 if your opponent is sensible and kills the ball, you kinda don't have anything you can do about it. 

I have won games 3/0 with Masons, but generally thats with a more mixed team, and because the opponent is trying to keep players safe from the beatdown they've been vulnerable to me scoring. Masons are good at attacking both and winning on whichever they let you have.

I would recommend that you try a few games with fish if you can borrow/proxy them and see how they are different and make an informed choice about what team you want to be playing.




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