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DSBG: Expansion Content Question

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Hi All,

Sorry if this has been asked and answered here before, I searched for an old thread but couldn't find one. I bought DSB when I saw it in my local gaming shop, didn't know anything about the Kickstarter. So I didn't know about all the extra content that went along with the Kickstarter until much later.

My question is for the Darkroot and Old Iron King expansions, Do they come with the game boards or tile sets? Reason I ask is because I found a set of tiles for sale that look to go with these two sets but they are not listed in SFG's online store. So I don't want to 1. buy something that I don't need if there in the expansions already or 2. don't want to buy something that isn't an official SFG product for the game.

If anyone can shed some light on this it would be very helpful, thanks in advance.

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I know Darkroot doesn't come with any boards/tiles, I don't believe Iron Keep expansion (not to be confused with Old Iron King mega boss expansion) comes with them either. There is a separate listing for boards/tiles meant to provide a more thematic feel for those two expansions. I don't plan on getting them, even if the Iron Keep expansion ever comes out, those tiles are just cosmetic.

Also, I doubt the boards you saw for sale are official (at least not if in stock), latest update from SFG regarding the official tiles is that they'll come in Wave 3, current expectation being Q4 of 2019.

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