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Totally lost on shipments and waves

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Hi everyone!

Sorry if this has been asked somewhere else, but it´s hard for me to grasp all of the information scattered across

I´m one of the original backerit backers, and have received in 2017 the core game. I never heard anything else, and actually totally forgot about the stretch goal updates, until this point

Then by chance I saw a tweet from steamforged talking about "wave 3 shipping", and that got me started. Of course I never received anything in wave 2. To make things worst, in the meantime (since it´s been a long while since the original first shipment) I changed address AND country. So went into my backerit account and updated my address. Now it´s also asking me for more money, as if I didn´t pay for shipment! I tried contacting steamforged a couple of times but I only get an automated response and never any help

I´m just wondering if somebody else is in the same situation as me (specially about the country change and not receiving wave 2 contents), I wouldn´t want to keep paying for shipping if I´m not sure I´m gonna get any more stuff...

sorry for the long message and thanks

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I had a tweet from them saying they will be "keeping updates to the Kickstarter campaigns, but sharing them with facebook & twitter. "

Try tweeting SFG. I was not bowled over by the answer but at least I got one.

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