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Character Plays, Cover, Crowd Outs and Ganging Up

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So based on past rulings I see that cover doesn't affect character plays, but crowding out does. The reasoning being that cover is a -1 TAC and character plays don't use TAC. But in the Se4 rules Crowding Out is listed as a -1 TAC and not something like a -1 to dice pool which would imply that is shouldn't affect character plays. But I also noticed crowd outs are specifically stated as something that affects character plays. Anyway I guess I am just trying to confirm that this is all correct because it's a little messy. Character plays are not affected by gang ups, or cover, but are by crowd outs? Should crowd outs be listed as a -1 to the dice pool rather than a -1 TAC so that this is more clear? Or would that change something else im not thinking about and having it be an exception is fine?

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