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Any release roadmap?

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I just picked up the Kickoff set and and a few other guys in my gaming group seem interested in picking up Guild Ball as a another game we play. It looks like the newer releases are in the plastic kits but there don’t seem to be kits for most of the teams. 

As Guild Ball isn’t the primary game we play, the plastic kits are perfect as they allow us to just pick up a team, open the box, and play and then go back and do the hobby bits when our painting queues clear permit. 

Is there any sort of roadmap from SFG on when each team will be getting plastic kits released?

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Currently, new Minor Guilds* will be in pre assembled plastic.
Re-released Major Guilds** will be in coloured resin.
The two newest Major Guilds (Farmers and Blacksmiths) are also preassembled plastics.
The most resent upgrade packs, with 6 models from different teams are in metal.
Onwards, new models should release in resin.
Current metal teams might get restocked, but unclear in which amounts.

*Ratcatchers, Falconeers, Navigators are out, Cooks are Q1, Miners are next.

**Morticians, Hunters are released, Fishermen and Butchers should be next in line.

New full releases (new teams) might be plastic or resin, but probably not metal.

Currently, there is no team where you can have all the models available in the same material,
unless you manage to find the sold out metal boxes for a Major Guild, plus their upgrade pack.

Other than that, nobody really knows, as there hasn't been much information about it.

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