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Scatter and clock suggestion

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In the last few months while playing competitive games or watching tournament streams, I have noticed many, many occasions  of people making very messy scatters as the clock was counting down. In most of my own games I actually asked my opponent to redo the scatter precisely and off the clock as the final ball location was off by as much as almost an inch. That can obviously make a huge difference due to the precise nature of the game.


- Ball location can be determined precisly without the need for a nervous ball placement when short on time

- No one benefits anything on time. As soon as the scatter is precisely placed, the clock continues. 

- The opponent of the player that missed a pass or a goal does not double benefit (missed kick and more extra time spent).


- The pause can be "abused" more or less the same way as the cards can be at the moment.



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How about a "shot clock", where that action has to be performed within a certain period of time? Stop the game clock, but they have to perform the  scatter within 20 seconds.

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I guess it would in general help but 20 seconds might not be enough in messy situations such as many models interviening with the scatter template and final ball location. And those are exactly the most problematic ones.

To ensure fairness I would go with something more in line with "Once a player places the ball marker to determine the starting point for a kick or standard scatter and rolls for the scatter direction and distance, the clock is paused and the ball marker placed in its final location. The clock is then started. The opponent of a player placing the scatter has the right to start the clock if the player spends time on anything not directly related to correctly determining the final ball landing spot of this scatter".

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