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No news of Black Friday Order

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My black friday order was dispatched December the 17th

Before he was send, I called and emailed support several time to have the adress changed or the package put on hold (cause the package wouldn't have enough time to reach France before I leave home for holidays). Nothing was done and the package was send at my home adress

I was told the package would be delivered the 20th or 21th, but when I left home the 21th nothing had been delivered

I'm back from holidays today and still no trace of delivery

I send several mail to the support but didn't received an answer.

I called several time customer support but noone answer the phone


I'm out of idea now, can someone here help ?

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I tried contacting them through the website by filling in the contact form a few times and also tried to call them - no response, not even an automated mail.

I got an automated response AND a real one when I mailed their support mailaddress directly, maybe that helps. 

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On ‎1‎/‎14‎/‎2019 at 4:42 AM, Benesato said:

So, did you resolve this in the end?

Yes. I was initially told the order would arrive before December the 23rd, it arrived (at the wrong adress) January the 4th

January the 3rd, I manage to get support on the phone but they couldn't do anything for me before at least 2 weeks (time needed to be able to ask royal mail to search where the package was).

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