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Switzerland Tournament Calender

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Hey everyone,

A Introduction first, I’m Richard, we may have met at some International Tournaments somewhere around and we have a small slowly growing Community of around 20 Player so far here in Berne Switzerland.

I’m have taken over the job of organizing our Guild Ball Tournament’s and Events for our Club (and FLGS) and in this Thread should help to keep it a little together for our International Players. I’ll try my best to keep this Updated. 

Our FLGS: Zwergenschmiede

Our Club: Ordo Cubus Bernensis (OCB) Forums

If you have any Questions, just PM me.

Our Next Events:

16.12.2019: Sixth OCB Bear Cup

13.1.2019: Guild Ball Monthly Tournament

10.2.2019: Guild Ball Monthly Tournament

14.4.2019: Guild Ball Monthly Tournament



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