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Minor League Rules

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Many sports have modified rules for college/club/semi-pro levels. Basketball the game time is shortened and broken into half instead of quarters. Baseball tends to play on slightly smaller fields, hockey the goals are slightly smaller in some leagues, college football kicks off from a different yard line and had completely different overtime rules, etc..

With more and more minor guides beginning released it would be neat if we can have some rules for minor vs minor guild leagues.

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Looking at your list of examples (I'm British, the entire idea of university sport being a big deal beyond anyone directly involved is bizarre to me), I'd suggest trying out Cage Ball with just the 6 from the minor box available, possibly expanding to adding the crossover players if 6 feels too limiting.

Cage Ball

  • 2'x3' pitch, goals and lines as marked on standard pitch (basically, lose 6" from the two flanks of the pitch)
  • 4 players per side - 1 captain, 1 mascot, 2 squaddies
  • Play to 8 points
  • As this would be Minor vs. Minor, ignore the +1 on initiative roll,  probably drop the extra card as well

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