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Customer Serivce Response

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With the the black friday sale that just occurred I imagine Steamforged must be swamped with calls and emails full of requests I'm sure. Im just having some trouble getting in contact with someone from steamforged regarding my order from black friday. I have tried email, steamforged's contact system, facebook message, and even calling steamforged number from the US. I have not been able to get a hold of their attention. If anyone knows a way to get in contact with them (hopefully before my order is shipped out) please let me know.

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Same problem here : email send 8 days ago => no answer, phone => no answer


With shipping being late, I need to change the shipping adress or It will be send back to steamforged become I'm not home for holidays

If it's send back to steamforged and I end up paying shipping fee twice I will be pissed

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I'm trying to get through by phone since my Mails usually never receive answers.
Why I say never? Because I wrote 2 Mails last year regarding my large order containing Resin Hunters. I've asked for a partial delivery of the other stuff. I even contacted SFG by phone in december and I was told the partial delivery will be arranged.
Last week I received a Mail saying my 2 ordered limited Minervas are out of stock and are refunded. The rest of my order was dispatched. My order was placed in July! When the model was released! There where several sales in between but since I've already paid for them I didn't bother. Now this. My resin hunters finally arrived. The rest of my order is still missing.
And then there is this sentence in my mails... "we thank you for your patience"........

I've waited half a year. I was polite and understanding in all my previous efforts to contact SFG. Just to be told that I won't receive limited models I've already paid for, because they sold them again without tracking stock. After over a week of trying to get in touch by phone and mail my disappointment is just growing further.
Is this the way to treat customers? Customers who are just lacking one guild for full completion?

Just as a reminder: This is not a BlackFriday order. It's way older than that, but I haven't received any reaction. Neither now, nor before BlackFriday.

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