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Black Friday Hay Bales

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Hello everyone,

I'm sure by now most of you who follow the black friday sale has already seen the list of things on sale. One of the items that peaked my curiosity is the "Collection of Hay Bales". I personally like painting terrain very much but I wanted to see what it was about. I haven't found any image or information regarding it. If anyone knows anything please post it down below? Thanks in advance.

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This is it ... three hay bales (unpainted). The ball collection is also shown.

Blacksmith helmet, rat cheese ball, pumpkin head ball (from Ltd Obulus), Easter ball, mortician symbol ball, falconer bell launch pack ball, Union in Chains ball, turnip ball, blacksmith anvil ball.


I notice "Legend" captains are on sale Friday ... these are the Kickstarter versions that haven't been available since November 2016's Black Friday sale, and have been offered for up to £45 on ebay. (Only £9 on Friday).

ps. thanks SFG for making the rare models available again!

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