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Red Raccoon Games Tournament for Extra Life - Bloomington, IL Dec 1st

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Red Raccoon Games Guild Ball Tournament for Extra Life 

Presented by James Kroesch


This is intended to be a 16 player Guild Ball tournament using Season 4 rules.  Additionally, to support the Extra Life charity, we will be offering players to donate for re-rolls!

Location:  Red Raccoon Games, 309 N Main St, Bloomington, IL 61701 USA

Registration: $10 on the day of the event @ the store

Date: Saturday, December 1st, 2018

Tournament Tentative Schedule:

                   10:00am to 10:30am - Registration -> Pre-register through Longshacks.org

                                Facebook Link: coming soon

                                Longshanks Link: https://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1744

                   Games start at 10:30am.

                   Will have a lunch break after the first round.

                   3 or 4 rounds depending on player turnout.

Tournament Format:  Regional Cup,  up to 12-player roster, 45min chess clocks

Appearance Standard: All models in play must be fully assembled, on appropriately sized bases.  Painting is not required.

Proxy Rule: Judge pre-approved proxies are permitted.  Paper Doll proxies of any Season 4 characters released or unreleased are permitted.  Any newer players previewed on the Steam Forged Games blog with full front and back cards displayed will also be permitted provided they can be fielded by your declared Guild for the day.

Players are allowed to use electronic devices if they so choose, but if any error results in loss of unrecoverable game state information for that player, they will need to coincide their match.

Prizes: We will have some raffle prizes available but mainly this is all for charity so come out and show your support!

        If you have any questions, feel free to PM JSKrush or email james.kroesch@gmail.com.

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Rules for Re-rolls:

$1 get's you 3 tokens

Each token can be used to re-roll all of the dice on any given roll.

You must re-roll ALL dice on a roll.

Your opponent my cancel the re-roll by spending twice the tokens.

You may cancel the cancel by spending twice that number of tokens, and on and on and on...

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