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Some Greens to go with your #SmokedMeat

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Greetings from your friendly neighborhood firestarter!
The Alchemist's Guild sends it's regards. 

So listen. We've had a real blast setting you all on fire and choking you out and getting charged down and beat on and cut to ribbons in return. Real treat! 
And I know we've been knocking up against each other this whole Draft affair (we owe you a drink I spose ;) ), but if there's one thing we're good at, it's calculation, and those of us who feel that your cause is the True Path for your Noble Guild would humbly like to suggest that calculations show that in addition to casting votes internally, there is wisdom in lending a few toward our efforts to acquire Kami. Not only will that solidify our lead and remove Kami, and your biggest hurdle, from contention, but it would allow us to quell some internal strife between those who are pitch minded and those who think guitars are cool. I know it sounds strange to suggest you abandon your chase for the top three, but it's about final seeds, not standings. Sometimes to go forward, after all, you must first take a step back. Think it over. We'll owe you one. And we may not be the richest guild around, but our word is Gold. 

Humbly yours, 


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I like the idea, but we've got... more gothic fish to fry. You're welcome to help us with this one - And if you do, I think we'd all be greatly amused.



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