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SteamCon UK Last Chance Qualifier

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Hey all! 

SteamCon UK is only a couple of days away! Whoop whoop! Just wanted to remind everyone (and yeah I posted on Facebook as well) that if you want to play in the LCQ, please get to SteamCon UK as close to 8am on Friday as you can. When you're checked into the event, come through to the tournament room immediately and register for the LCQ at the tournament head desk. 

We need to keep the event running on time, and we're expected a lot of people to sign up for it, so if you're not registered by 9.50am you won't be able to play! 

The shop will still be there once you're registered/after the first round so don't worry about missing out. Hopefully see all of you on Friday!


A Stressed T.O. 

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