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Cross Guild Models

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Just a little speculation, but I noticed both Brewers/Masons as well as Alchemists/Engineers share a cross guild model (Lucky and Compound I think), but what guild would we cross over with for such a model if we ever got one?

Personally I was thinking Fishermen/Hunters would make sense not so much from a play mechanic but from the fluff given both are gathers of food stuffs and such, Butchers/ Morticians maybe and Farmers/Blacksmiths as the other cross over? Not really sure, but would like to hear other people's thoughts and while we're not likely to see these models anytime soon, given the minor guilds and the draft rookies yet to come, be nice to spitball what maybe :)

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Firstly let me say good call on the outlaw star avatar!

when it comes to cross guild fisherman hunters I can imagine a captain Ahab-like character. A hunter through and through with the sea as his hunting grounds.

i imagine a control heavy central midfielder who lacks in damage but can shift (no pun intended) tides of battle. With short range push and dodge character plays. I always thought a skill that was momentum altered might be fun in the risk versus reward sense. Maybe OPT  1 2 cost push/dodge of 2” plus 1” for every momentum spent up to 2. 

It would be fairly powerful but if you keep ahabs mov low and put him at like 2/3 or even 1/3 on the influence it would require some real planning.

aww how I do enjoy theorycrafting for fun :)  


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