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In Need of Season 4 Advice

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Hello my fellow Drunks!

I just got back into Guild Ball after a long hiatus and am looking for advice for season 4.

What’s been your favorite group of Squaddies to throw down on the pitch?

Is it better to kick or receive?

What are some tips and tricks against the Spooks and the Fish?

I’ve never posted on the forums before, but I’m so excited to get the ball rolling! (See what I did there? 😜)

Let’s go Brewers!

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Only played 2 games so far and just the one line-up.

Not sure on kicking or receiving only kicked so far.

Line-up has been Esters, Quaff, Mash, Hooper, Pintpot, ogSpigot. 

Mash is still good for holding the ball. Resilience means he can get a nice counter to push an opposing striker away if needed. So far I've been kicking off with Pintpot then loading him up with buffs to go kill someone at the end of t1 giving me momentum to get 1st activation of t2.

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Tapper, Mascot, Hooper, Friday , a Spigot, last spot depending on opposing guild and previous drafts.

> Stoker against condition heavy teams and when I think the armour will help

> Mash against "football" teams, or teams where aditional 2" melee is required

> Pisspot if I want to do a lot of burst face damage

Mascot position is currently up for debate and may depend on whether I am kicking or receiving, but it's currently more likely to be the dog for the +Tac

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Tapper and Esters are both fine choices, though with Esters her Squaddies will usually need to do the heavy lifting.

In general I like to receive, as when kicking we are controlled easier. I pick something quick when kicking like the cat or Decimate, so that early interaction is easier.

oSpigot is great in any Team, as is Hooper. Usually at least one is in the team. Mash against footbally Teams as a holder, Friday if I want to score early myself. vDecimate is a good flex pick, as she brings independent speed and damage potential.

Mascots vary. I pick Quaff if there is less early-activation pressure, Scum if there is more pressure.

Against Fish park the ball on Mash and defend him. Make your opponent work to get those goals. He will likely score them, but as long as he does not do it efficiently you can knock him out quick enough. Score only to end the game, otherwise he will just counterscore.

Morticians are weird, but try to keep the ball safe while punching them down. Mash is again quite good for that, while Decimate and Tapper can threaten Obulus while spigot and hooper hunt targets of opportunity. Against Scalpel keep enough 2" melee threats close, so that she has a harder time picking off someone.

In both matchups, using +1 Tac from Quaff on a ballholding Mash is surprisingly good, since with Tac 6 his Counters are quite scary :)

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