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GBKeeper 2.0 BETA Testers Needed!

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Hey folks, I'm looking for some additional help testing the next version of GBKeeper, the unofficial iOS App. 

I will need your email address to create you as a tester (or add you if you tested previously), you can PM it to me here on the forums. Let me know if you helped beta test GBKeeper in the past so I can look you up.

Please read the following FAQ and then reply if you are still willing to help test:

Are there any risks to being a beta test?

Yes, there is a chance you could lose your GBKeeper data during the testing process. There were some data changes to support the new functionality and one of the things I need tested is the upgrade process to know that everyone's data will be successfully updated.

Also there may be crashes, which is another thing we're tying to find through this testing process before we release it to everyone

What do you mean by "GBKeeper Data", what might I lose?

Currently it's your team lists, saved matches and any active game you may have in progress. If you want to test and don't want to forget your best team lists you can go through each team and use the share button to save them all to notes, email, text, etc, but there is not automatic import, so you'd have to manually put them back in.

If your data is too important to you to chance losing it, I can understand that and it's better that you not be a tester.  On the other hand, if your data is expendable, some awesome testing will be to delete the beta app, reinstall from the regular App Store and try a variety of data states as you update to the new beta.

What are we testing?

I have added the ability to connect to another opponent running GBKeeper. You will see the opponent's team, damage, taken-out and activation statuses, VPs, Goals, Take-Out count and current momentum.  Since we are testing the ability to connect to another person, if you have a friend that can also beta test it will help a lot.  I still need non-connected testing as well. There have been other changes like Guild Cards in the reference section, Season 4 core rule book and other document updates, plus bug fixes and icon changes throughout the app.

How are we testing?

As in the past we will use TestFlight, which is an app that allows me to send beta releases of the app and gather crashes and feedback without disrupting other non-beta users.

When are we testing?

Right now! I just need your email and name to get you started.

It crashed! What do I do?

Figure out what you did to cause that crash and make it happen again.  Then send me the steps to reproduce that crash so I make it happen and fix it. You can use the "Send Feedback" button in the Test Flight app to send me an email that will include device information and tell me what went wrong.

How do I contact you with bugs, suggestions and questions?

The "Send Feedback" button in the TestFlight app is easiest as it will email me and include device information to help me know what and where to test.

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