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Honour in S4

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I played mostly Hammer in S3 and so far it's been Hammer for S4 as well. Hammer, Wrecker, Granite, vHarmony, v.Chisel and a flex.
But I want to get back in the Honour game.

While Honour is mostly unchanged there are some new faces on the pitch these days.
So how does peoples Honour 6s look like and how do you play them?

Is it Super Strat Flint for that first turn goal and then grab what oppertunities arise or are there some other janky stuff you use with Honour?
Do you use the new and improved oChisel missile, do you superstrat Honour then let vChisel tank her up with inf?

What are the S4 Honour tricks?

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I recently played a game vs the hunters, did a tooled up oChisel missle. She Knocked out skatha, stole the ball and scored first activation. It was very satisfying.

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