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Union and Order singles for sale/trade

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I have too many guilds, and with the new minors incoming, I need to make space.  I have some single Union and Order metal models.

- Fangtooth, cleaned ($12 CAD)
- Decimate, cleaned and partially assembled ($8 CAD)
- Gutter, cleaned and assembled ($8 CAD)
- Harry, assembled, based and primed black ($8 CAD)

- Seasoned Brisket, nib ($10 CAD)

Can ship anywhere, from Canada. Buyer pays shipping.

I can sell, or trade for Aristeia, Anyaral, Moonstone, Relic Knights (Shattered Sword or Doctrine) or Warmaster models.

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Engineer and Alchemists have been sold.

Added Seasoned Brisket for sale, and some Wants to the list.

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