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Double-Sided tiles eta

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so I am a canadian backer, and today I FINALLY got confirmation that my wave 2 order is gonna be shipped. 

I ordered:

  • 1x Darkoot Basin Expansion
  • 1x Asylum Demon Expansion
  • 1x Black Dragon Kalameet Expansion
  • 1x Old Iron King Expansion
  • 1x The Four Kings Expansion
  • 1x The Gaping Dragon Expansion
  • 1x The Guardian Dragon Expansion
  • 1x Double-Sided Tile set

however my confirmation of what is being shipped didn't include the tile set, I think I remember seeing an update that said the tile set is delayed..  but I can't find that update.. Does anyone know what is happening with those, and what sort of eta is expected (even if the ETAs for this game have been less than reliable, I am curious)


cheers and thanks,

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The tiles were indeed delayed to Wave 3, as SFG couldn't get approval for the designs in time to ship with Wave 2. And as a result of the delayed shipment/delivery of Wave 2, Wave 3 has been pushed from the (most recent) ETA of October-November to a currently unknown ETA. The majority of backers estimate a Q1 2019 delivery window for Wave 3, but I'm unsure why backers came to that conclusion (not that it's inaccurate, I just don't know how they broke that down). In terms of an official ETA for Wave 3 -- there currently isn't one. They are waiting to announce the new ETA until Wave 2 is completely fulfilled.

Considering some of their past updates have shown finished production samples from Wave 3, I would wager that the wait won't be too long once the dust on Wave 2 has settled.

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