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First S4 game today.

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Played Esters,Quaff, Mash, Pintpot, Hooper, OgSpigot.

Vs Thresher, Donkey, Windle, Ploughman, Jack, Bushel 

Won 12-8

Mash got 2 goals and a takeout with Hooper getting the other takeout. Pintpot did a lot of work nuking down Bushel and then Thresher ready to be killed off Esters and spigot providing some nice Threat range for people early on and saving me a lot of momentum from free heroics.

My opponent was trying a slightly different line-up to what he'd usually take but has a few games of the new season under his belt already. The Donkey is a really good goal threat for them.

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I played my first with Tapper, Hooper, Pintpot, Stoker, and Scum.
They are definitely more resilient than before!
However they also seem to have less control over the field than previously. Just something to keep in mind. 

I played against the original Honour Masons and lost 13 to 10.
I got three take downs and a goal. It was a fairly close back and forth game until I made a tactical error.
I could have taken Flint out a second time before going for the goal with Tapper. Instead, I let Mallet intimidate me and I took the shot. I got the goal, but the rival player was immediately able to get the ball to Honour who also scored.  I need to be more conscious of the deeper levels of play.

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