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VetKat - Venomous Strike can trigger Burst of Fumes?

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Considering the timing, I would have to assume that vKatalyst always inflicts 1 extra point of damage to his opponent following a succesful attack where he caused damage?


At Step 3.5 of the attack sequence he inflicts damage, thus also triggering Venomous Strike and thus causing the opponent to suffer the poison condition.

Then at step 4 Burst of Fumes triggers; since the enemy Kat just attacked now has poison, said ennemy suffers 1 more point of damage.

I assume this is correct?

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Yes, Burst of Fumes triggers after the attack is resolved. Unless the enemy model has an ability to ignore the condition form Venomous Strike, it takes Burst of Fumes damage after the attack. Perkins explained this on the double dodge podcast.

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