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Millstone & Sturdy

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Hi all,

Think I have this correct, but want to double check.

Grange is not suffering Knockdown and uses Huge Tracts of Land, giving everyone in his 6" aura Sturdy.  Millstone is in this aura, and is not suffering Knockdown.

A model comes in to Grange and attacks, selecting a KD result from their playbook.  (Assuming Millstone would want to take it) Does this:

1) Pop Grange's Sturdy, Millstone's Sturdy is intact.


2) Pop Millstone's Sturdy, Grange's Sturdy is intact.

My inclination is answer 1, as Grange does not "suffer" Knockdown because of Sturdy, so Millstone cannot eat it for him.

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1 hour ago, Falkman said:

Option 1, yes. Millstone cannot opt to ”take” a condition that is not inflicted.

Unless of course you absolutely want her KD'ed for some reason, in which case you don't actually have to trigger Sturdy ("may ignore") and let Millstone take it... 🤔 🤷‍♂️

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