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The Old Buzzard

S4 butchers.

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On 10/10/2018 at 6:24 PM, The Old Buzzard said:

SO!  How are we to cope with the damage output of the butchers?

Out score is the only sensible thing I can think of. But you have to get the ball back!


This made me laugh. I play Morticians and Alchemists and my main opponent plays Butchers. I am not the most experienced player, so I often felt very impressed by how much damage Butchers models can put out so efficiently. When people would write things about how Butchers are very susceptible to control, I would think "well even with controlling them I'm only holding the finger in the dam before they break through and tear my team apart!" So, with them being more deadly now, I think I'll have to be more careful, or just lean much more heavily on scoring while spreading out to at least force the Butchers to run all over the pitch to try to kill me.

Granted, I have more tools this season, but it is safe to say I'm scared of them. :)

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I played against Butchers this weekend at a event, so many of there squaddies are much improved. Boilers throwing axe doing 4 damage inside the owner and 3 more for bleed is painful, oBrisket gaining above and beyond is amazing, Shank going 2/4 is where he wants to be and vGutter sweeping charge is painful. Butchers are looking super strong in S4.

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