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Season 4: Initial review and Roster Picks

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So our cards have been revealed, salty tears cried and now we are left to figure out a Roster that works.


No change beyond a 1hp drop. Same old one dimensional game so the same old problems will arise, experienced players will still counter him but at the same time there are teams that just cant handle him well (or at least in theory there is).


Not a bloody clue, time will be needed for this guy. I think 2-2 is dead but there are people that disagree, we'll have to see how the results go over time. His 3-0 game seems reasonable and at least will flow differently than Shark's. I have the slight concern that because he is now goal heavy he will be undone by the same things that can undo Shark.


No stat changes but an overall nerf due to how tap in now works and her general position as a backup/alternative goal scorer.


Has the new version of Blind. Still seems good at what it did before.


Balls Gone! on three successes on a TAC 5 model is a lot more achievable than on four. He was in most rosters already and now he has more reason to remain.


Lost a point of health but it does not seem like a problem for her. Still a solid control piece for the team that operates efficiently and can get work done without any Inf


Lots a little changes that add up to an entirely new set of rules. Battering Ram on a 6"/8" move model is great. Can fill a very similar roll as Hag which could cause bother down the road. Just being able to reposition models for 0 Inf has value, but throw on his <<T on three successes and adds a good melee ball recovery option that is relatively immune to counter attacks. Trident Tested's nerf is annoying but likely necessary given what else this model can do without Inf.


Less health and a new playbook. Weakened on attack in general (no more damage and weak point at the same time) but has picked up 3 damage at the top of the book I assume to help out Corsair.


Also lost a point of health but unchanged beyond that. A good option all round although the Bag of Coffers vs 1inf upfront can still throw a wrench in Fish activations.


Seduced is easier to hit from the play book but is now only 4" further decreasing her threat range and forcing you to play dangerously. Overall quite a big nerf and this could be the one that sees her lose her spot in a lot of teams. Then again Seduced is still powerful.


New rules, new role. I like her a lot, although I'm sceptical about her lack of 2" melee in a team that really needs it (having <T only partially mitigates the lack of it). Dread Gaze and Fair Wind both feel like they can make a massive impact on the board state however and coupled with Shadow Like and her 7"/9" Move I think she probably makes a better winger than her original version.


Better all round. Faster. Has a good play book. Excellent traits that help control the pitch. 2 Inf for the pot. Oh and he can now actually kick the damn ball like the rest of the team.


Was ignored by most Fish players in Season 3 because we did not particularly need a one dimensional striker with no good utility. Still a one dimensional striker with no good utility but she can now <T on one and so threaten 1" melee ball holders freely... just like every 2" melee model in the team already did. As an aside she basically just go better for the Navigators when they finally drop.

So overall I think my 12 is a relatively easy pick

Angel is dull and limited but at she is at least good at the one thing she does. Salt on the other hand less so. The tap in nerf has stifled one of her big uses (goal scoring) and the Fish now having access to a range of tools to get to/recover loose balls reduces the need for her other use.

So I think my 12 looks like:
Shark (C), Corsair (C), Tentacles (M), Angel, Greyscales, Hag, Jac, Kraken, oSakana, vSakana, oSiren, vSiren

This will change once we get access to Navigators, as our only source of condition removal will be on Fathom which means she will likely be an almost mandatory pick going into the condition heavy teams.

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You forgot the steal of come over here from Angel.Which for me have absolutely no synergy with Salt where Jac had Goad. Giving a loved creature instead of a player was lot of time a game breaking move.

Salt is still a good way to get the ball on the pitch. Especially if Angel come.

I will try Angel, but imho she will still be the first one out of my 12.

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3 hours ago, Thyamath said:

Salt is still a good way to get the ball on the pitch.

That's just one job and sadly the majority of the fish are extremely good at that though, mostly just down to them being very dodge centric, look at Greyscales and vSiren in particular. Even Jac and his 0 Inf repositions can play into that role through his pushes. However they also bring other utility at the same time as being good ball chasers.

Only being able to do what the rest of the team can largely already do is what stuffed Angel last season and I suspect it will do so to Salt now.

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It is more true now that we have access to that new Siren2 (and Fathom) but prior to S4 she was quite the only good way with Greyscale (and shark, but this is too much ressources when you have other way) to get the ball on the pitch. Using Jac is not an option because if you go one direction with an activation, but not the full length, the opponent have a window to send the ball on the other side of the pitch. Also, Salt is a mascot, so not the same ressource as any other player. Salt is our fastest player, safe from shark and Fathom. Fathom is not here yet, and Shark is a captain and need 4 to do the same than salt with 2. When we had a usefull player with come over here salt, she was absolutely unmatched. I'm  not sure we still have. Maybe Angel can be usefull, especially with Fathom. I will try. But, if Angel have been upped a lot by being able to do something on column 1 (and salt), I'm still unsure she is usefull. She don't bring much .

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Just thinking : Siren get a little up because of most of the guild getting a up on their kick ability, and because of the pass tap in, making seduced more reliable. Even if there is only one dice because of the crowding out, most of the time there will be more than 50% chance of succes, and almost 9/10 with bonus time. We lost 2" of range, but we gain a lot of reliability...

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