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Transfer Window...?

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Apart from a few exceptions based around the whole union/church sub plot, one thing that strikes me about Guild Ball is the lack of a transfer market. I don't know if I might be preempting an idea for a future community event, or if it's one that's been considered and ruled out... but let's say if there was a transfer window in Guild Ball, which player from another guild would you like your guild to sign? Who would you like to put up for sale?

I appreciate that I'm posting this between seasons, so it's at a point where we don't know who are going to be the auto includes and never-takens of the new season, but to some extent that makes it feel to me like the right time to make the call, so we can make it based entirely on fluff grounds.

From a Butchers POV I'd like to see Tenderiser put of for sale. From a gaming POV I just don't like the negative mindset that taking a GK puts you in, but more importantly from a fluff POV I can see the storyline where he gets betrayed by a Fillet who is clinging on to power post-cooks alliance and has to make a choice between losing Meathook or Tenderiser and chooses love in a humanising episode for her. Tenderiser, as this shadowy enforcer type who seems to currently have Fillet's back but is really a tool of the guild to watch them all and keep them all in line would, I think, be first on the rest of the team's hit list for who to get rid of, but the guild would strongly resist. Boar and Shank are other players I could see making the list, but they're likely strong fan favourites, so it'd be difficult for a weak guild leadership to suggest them.

From a player I'd like to sign into butchers, I've always thought oChisel (before the changes this week) would make a good Butcher. Sadism, Feel my Pain, etc, all feel like they have a place in a Butchers team. But the fluff for vChisel suggests she's converted to the Honour style of play and so I think I'd be taking her off the list. A player I've always liked the fluff for is Venin. I love the fact that he's just a massive dick to his team mates and just enjoys messing with everyone. Sounds like something that would fit right in with Butchers to me. Plus an ability to manipulate bleed and poison would be pretty cool in a Butchers team, too.

So, for Butchers I'd say: 

Sell: Tenderiser

Buy Venin

What about you?


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Well okay, point missed a bit there, Aaron ;-).

The idea is it's a fluff thing, giving the opportunity to explore the inner conflicts within a guild. I mean, given the battle between sun father and moon goddess within the hunters, maybe it could even be Theron gets transferred out if Skatha gets the upper hand. TBF I don't really know hunters fluff that well, but there's got to be opportunities for telling an Interesting story, right?

And if course as it's guild ball being dead, let alone being transferred to another team, doesn't stop you playing for a team, so you're not actually losing a player. And there's got to be some fun in picking a player from another guild to join your rank, right?

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7 hours ago, Kueller said:

Man you are so bitter lol

At this point I need to make cynical passive aggressive jokes about how shit she is or I may just rage quit the entire game...

On topic, while I like the idea of concept of trade windows, I think it's generally against the guild concepts, hence all the drama surrounding Honour and the Order..

I did like the way you could "loan" players in the big league setting, but that worked better (thematically) if you only had one of each guild present... 

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