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(Homebrew) Loggers Guild

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So i'm working on my own Homebrew custom guild for the Loggers guild. Each day this week I will post a short fluff piece about each character (bar the mascot) and then the rules that I've currently developed. 

First up we have the Captain Timber and the rules for the mascot (current placeholder name because it's funny) Wynona. 


Mortis sat at the ornate, wooden, hand carved table staring at the bowl of home made chicken broth in front of her. She looked up at the five children sat around the table frantically shoveling combinations of cooked chicken and soaked bread into their mouths like it was about to be taken off them. The burly logger, Timber, sat at the head of the table. He wore a loose fitting brown shirt that was unbuttoned half way down, but his chest was obscured by his long untamed beard which was covered in bread crumbs and soup drippings.

Timber was the first to finish his serving with a loud slurp, he wiped the excess liquid out of his beard with the back of his hand and slammed his bowl down on the table. One by one all five of the children finished their servings and mimicked their father's actions, each wiping their mouth and slamming their bowls down.
"Right you lot" Timber boomed "Go outside and play for a bit, we've got business to discuss"
The kids all squealed at the same time and scrambled to get out of their oversize chairs, obviously made for them to grow into. 
"Oi! Don't you lot forget to thank your mother!" Timber bellowed after them. Each of the children ran over to the woman who had already started cleaning the table, and hugged her legs whilst saying thank you "You're all very welcome" the woman chuckled back as she struggled to maintain her balance. 

"So let me get this straight" Timber said as he broke a large bread roll in half and started mopping up his bowl "You spooks are willing to give us the coin to buy our way into the big leagues?"
"That is correct" replied Mortis
"What do we owe you in return? Free lumber for all your coffins?" Timber chuckled to himself as he said this, sending a spray of breadcrumbs in Mortis' direction.
"A simple favour as and when we call for it"
"You big leaguers and your favours, always playing your silly little power games.Who are we going to be playing with?" Timber asked
"That has yet to be resolved" Mortis replied
"Not the Butchers is it? Ax still hasn't forgiven the old Boar for what he did to him. Likely to tear his face off next time he sees him"
"Not the Butchers, no, they currently have the Cook's siding with them"
"Cooks! Ha. Ponces all of them. Silly hats and aprons and none of them can cook half as good as Jill here" Timber reached out and put his arm around his wife pulling her close to him. The gesture made Mortis feel uncomfortable but she forged on regardless.
"So what do you say, do we have a deal then?" Mortis asked
"Aye we have a deal. Tell old Obby we're on board. Must say I'm looking forward to staring down old Tapper across the pitch"
"Excellent, our people will be in touch soon" Mortis replied as she stood up from the table. Timber spat on his palm and held it out towards Mortis. The gesture made her uneasy and slightly nauseous, but she could ill afford to blow the deal at this juncture. She spat in her own palm and reached out and clasped hands with the huge Logger.  The deal was sealed. 





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She’s a strange one. A home maker at heart, loving wife, devoted mother. She even looks after the team as if they were her family too. 

But you do not want to get on her bad side. 

That lass has the worst mean streak you have ever seen. When she’s on the pitch it’s like a different woman takes over, shoving the boot into places that other people would consider unsportsmanlike.

She makes a mean stew though. If you ever get invited to sit down and break bread with the Loggers you do not pass that up. Cooking that could put the Cook’s guild to shame I tell you.


(Tiny little note here, her Heroic is meant to be a pulse not an aura, I just haven’t got round to changing the wording yet)


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Egret kicked the ball ahead of herself sprinting at full speed to get it. She heard the roar of the bear behind her and knew that anyone ahead of her would have to think twice about going in for the tackle. She looked up and saw the large lumbering form of the Logger's player Sap. She was running towards Egret, but her eyes seemed to be focused elsewhere. Egret ran onto the ball and deftly collected it with her feet controlling it with ease, hoping to stop any incoming tackles. 

Suddenly the large burly Logger woman barreled right past her. Egret stopped, confused as to what was going on. She turned her head just in time to see Sap perform a full body take down on the bear. All four paws were in the air as Sap wrestled to secure the angry bear. Before long she had it completely pinned to the ground, despite all it's roaring and thrashing it was clear the bear could not move. Egret almost felt sorry for Seenah, having not seen anything like this before. 

Sap looked up in her direction and give a nod, the strange action snapped Egret back to her senses suddenly realising the game was still going on. She turned back around just in time to see the small wiry Logger take the ball away from her feet and sprint off towards the wing. She cursed herself for letting her attention slip, looking over briefly towards Theron to see if his angry gaze was on her, then turning and levelling her bow at Seenah's assailant. 


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