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S4 cards revealed

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Blackheart: Unchanged. I'm cool with that.

vRage: Lost Usurper, Tackle moved to column 4. Still does what he always did, perfectly happy with where he is.

Coin: Gained a kick die and 2" melee. Actually really nice, because it means he can BoC himself for a three die kick for no influence, which is nice. Still a great model, and crowd outs well.

Strongbox: Unchanged. Not sure I'll play him much because Coin is fine everywhere anyway, but the model is solid.

A&G: Lost the +2 TAC while greede is attached. Gained 1" jog. Otherwise unchanged. Still not making the 12 I think.

Decimate: Unchanged, except Second Wind change which doesn't matter much in Union. Still great.

oFangtooth: Foul Odor and Heroic no longer mess with allied models, lost Blood, gained a DEF and an INF, slightly changed playbook. Looks very good now - not getting in the way of your own team is a huge deal and makes him very playable.

Gutter: Unchanged. Still great.

Hemlocke: Blind lost 2" range, Noxious Blast triggers off playbook, nonmom 2 moved up a column, gained 2 HP. The extra durability is very very nice, but at the same time Smelling Salts is less important when kicker gets momentum. Niche pick but playable.

Minx: Unchanged. Still great.

oRage: Lost Maverick. Awesome buff - now benefits from Singled Out, BH legendary, On My Mark, Marked Target, Hat aura, etc. Very very solid now.

Snakeskin: already spoiled - solid anti control kickoff model, somewhat niche.

Mist: Momentous tackle, lost Shadow Like. Still probably the best kickoff option into a lot of teams.

Harry the Hat: lost Goad, gained Singled Out. Means he can reliably hit his own KD which is huge. Really good into loads of teams. Also gained a kick die, which is very important on a model with the Hat aura.

Grace: Lost Purity which was way too binary, gained an ARM and a momentous 2, and her heal does more. Several nice tools, but nothing super impactful.

Benediction: Gained a momentous 2, lost momentous KD. Still a big wall of hitpoints who pushes people around a lot.


Biggest / most important changes are Harry, oRage and oFangtooth. I think those three, plus Blackheart, vRage, Mist, Coin, Gutter, Decimate and Minx, would be the core of Union who I'd be happy playing some mix of into most matchups. Hemlocke and Snakeskin would be the tech pieces to round out the 12, with Benny, Grace, A&G and Strongbox as the 4 models I wouldn't take.

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They mentioned in the podcast that because of all the changes they’re making to bump up underused models, everyone they haven’t touched/ left the same basically received a pseudo nerf.

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