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Starting Farmer's

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Hi all,

Just ordered Farmer's Honest Land set, have been stalking the game (and these forums) for a bit, but finally registered and posting today.  I read some references to enemies trampling harvest markers, but couldn't find rules referencing this in the rules on the website or the GB Manager cards.  Can anyone point me to the rules regarding harvest markers so I can make sure I am prepared?  

Hoping to get my first game in this weekend!

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Welcome to the game!

The rules for harvest markers are on the second card here:


They read as follows:

"A Player may only have up to [5] friendly harvest-markers on the Pitch at once. When a model moves into base contact with a harvest-marker during a Sprint or Charge, the harvest-marker is removed from the Pitch. During the Maintenance Phase, before Influence is allocated, a Player may remove any number of friendly harvest-markers from the Pitch and add [+1] Influence to the friendly team’s Influence-pool for that turn for each harvest-marker removed."

It's possible the rules could change soon. The new (Season 4) rules are being introduced next month, and we've heard there could be quite a few changes to the play-style for farmers, though these are designed to make them easier for new players. But don't worry too much about learning all the current cards, as there'll be new ones very soon! (The general game isn't expected to change much though, so do start playing now!)

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