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Sir Orpheus

Darkroot expansion: Cards normal or messed up?

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Ok, so after going through all the item cards for the DarkRoot expansion.. they feel a little odd. The top of the stack makes sense, 21 of the items goes well.. however.. 9 of those 21 cards have a 5 card count.. this makes no since being that the greatshield of Artorias and the Abyss greatsword boss items are among them.. why I would only need 2 of the 6 boss items to have duplicates of 5 are beyond me. I’m more concerned that this expansion doesn’t even come with the Artorias armor set for a boss item... the core bosses came with their respectable armor sets, but not Artorias? Instead I get 5 Abyss greatswords??  I won’t say much about Ciaran or Goughs as we may see them later down the road.. however Artorias items do include the Gold and Dark tracers.. which again just feels weird. Idk, maybe I got a messed up deck, but I figured I would check here first Incase I’m not the only one who noticed this.

if you have the expansion and have encountered the same situation, or if you didn’t, post it.


thank you.

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looking at the contexts list listed on their web store, it says it comes with 21 treasure cards. Which lines up with what I have. The duplicates, upon further inspection are only those with words, and are provided in multiple languages.

this still upsets me a bit considering there are still at least 4 cards that I feel should be included. Ciaran’s armor (only because her weapons are in here). Artorias’s armor.. because it literally should be in this expansion as a boss item.. the fact it’s not is a bit unsettling. And Gough’s armor and bow (can accept if these are included later down the road with Gough as an actual miniboss). 

But the first two definitely should have been in here. So I guess I’ll have to make them myself -_-

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