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Full Guild Reveal - Major and Minor - October 11

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Thursday 11th of October – Alchemist’s GuildReviewed by the Double Dodge podcast featuring Jamie Perkins & Jamie Giblin

Well THAT'S exciting!

"Yes, entire Guilds at a time! How awesome is that!? So, starting on Monday 1st of October, the SFG media network will be releasing one whole-Guild review per day EVERY DAY until every Guild has had its Season 4 changes released and reviewed!"

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Hmmm... Some of the other posts already mention the Major & Minor Guilds, like this one:

Saturday 6th of October – Mortician’s Guild & Ratcatcher’s GuildReviewed by the Beard Minis YouTube channel & Beardpod podcast featuring Jamie Perkins & Steve Margetson

I think that it's a full reveal for the entire guild up until now - so no new minor Guild reveal unless you already have one. Too bad though, would've been nice!

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