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Monday Night Guildball

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Alright everyone i am excited to announce the first day of Monday Night Guildball!

This will be the start of a weekly game night community on vassal, to play games and hangout together. The event last all day and GMT will be used as the standard time, so please come by whenever you can and join us! We start October 1st!

For those of you that are new to Guildball this would be a excellent time to find someone to teach you the ropes, also vassal games can be reported for community events as well. So if you are looking to easily get games in for the Free Cities Draft this will be the time to play! Later on when S4 is live i will start planning tournaments and leagues for the community.

Personally i will be available and online between 4am-7am, off to work, then 6pm-10pm GMT. 

Guild Ball Zone is the name of the Discord server we will be using. If you need a invite just let me know.

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