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Random Models for sale (inc exiles!), UK based. *Now with complete engineers!*

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Hi folks,

Following on from my attempts to not have every guild going, I have a handful of models that I've reluctantly accepted I'll never get round to using. Which means they may as well go to a better home where someone will actually wave a brush at them and maybe even put them on the pitch! (I'm keeping four major guilds and a few minors, that should be plenty :D )

So I have the following, all untouched:

Metal Engineers guild (inc vHarriet)

metal Xmas Hearth/Buckwheat

metal Averisse/Greede

2 Metal Obuluses (Obuli? Honestly not sure how I've ended up with so many of him, I have four if you count all the sculpts...)

Resin Masons original 6 (Kickstarter Honour, Harmony, Flint, Brick, Marbles, Mallet) - also got Tower in a box somewhere I think.


If anyone's interested in some of these, drop me a PM. I may add more later on, depending on what I find in the grey mountain :)

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So Esters/Quaff are off the table, but I have found a complete metal engineers guild, including vHarriet and a KS goal marker, if anyone is feeling like a whole new guild? :)

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5 hours ago, The Ferryman said:

Which Obulus's do you have?

Do you have a vChisel or vSakana? 

Two metal regular Obuluses, and I’ve also found the Halloween pumpkin head one (with dirge and pumpkin ball).

Havent got any of the loyalists, unfortunately... though I do need to complete my blacksmiths and alchemists so I might get it one day, and won’t need those two you mention!

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