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[Webstore] Change address once order has been placed

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I don't know if someone at steamforged reads this forum, but I guess it's worth a try. =)
I've been trying to contact them for few days by email and social media but to avail.

The dark souls expansions should be out now and I pre-ordered them. 

Thing is, I can't be at home the following week and I'd like to change the shipping address, but it seems I can't do once the order has been placed (just add new ones for future orders).

Is there any way to contact them before they ship everything? Should I call them? I don't want 200 € of stuff to be lost in the shipping process :\

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The most reliable way to get that info to the warehouse team is definitely to email support@steamforged.com or message them via http://steamforged.com/contact/

They should be able to sort that out for you, though it may be quite busy in the warehouse with the expansions coming out. If I remember rightly, a while back outlook had this darling ‘feature’ of dropping email chains to the bottom of the queue when new ones came in, so it’s best to wait rather than email several times from the same address, to avoid that little snag!

(although waiting doesn’t exactly feel reassuring, I realise!)

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