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Just some quick thoughts (inspired by a similar post on the Butchers' board):

1) This isn't a foregone conclusion this time.  We're not playing the Masons this year.  We're playing everybody.  That means we can't count on getting out to an early lead and then coasting like last year.  We need all hands on deck (or at taps, as it were) to get games in early AND often.

2) Reporting games is priority #1. While a lot of us are on "Team Amber," maybe you aren't.  That's OK.  We can shift our pick by shifting our reporting later in the process if we need to.  The important thing is to get games in.  WHO we're backing is far less important than number of games reported- it won't matter which player you're pulling for if we don't get an early pick, so get games reported.

3) Don't get lazy/discouraged.  We're Brewers, through and through.  Season Four drops halfway through this league, and we don't know whether it will be great to us or horrible.  I prefer to hope for great but plan for horrible, so in that regard... at the end of the day, it doesn't matter!  We're going to be playing this guild over the long haul; the most disappointing thing in the world would be for us to lose this contest b/c SFG changes the guild in S4 in ways we don't like and we sulk about it.  If it's that bad, they'll fix it in an errata six months from now, but the player we get or get stuck with is going to be with us for the life of the team.  No matter what happens mid-October, we need to keep playing games.  Plus, if you hate the changes, the only way to prove they need to be undone is to get a bunch of data playing games with them, anyway (and you gotta play a bunch even if you think they're bad in order to confirm that you're right, anyhow).  So no matter what, whether you love the S4 Brewers or hate them, remember that an individual edition (and errata) is temporary, but a model added to your Guild is forever and should be prioritized as such!

4) We don't owe anyone anything.  The Butchers won last year because they convinced a lot of other Guilds to help them.  That's all well and good, but let's not leave anything to chance this time.  We have a dog in this fight, all the way to the end, and we can each only play but so many games.  Let's make them count for what we need them to count for- ourselves.

5) We know who we are- we're the guild that brought Decimate home, that kept slugging away even at the bottom tier throughout Season Three, and that keeps growing in numbers no matter how bad things might get because we're just that cool.  Let's remember that, get out there, and win this thing!

(Or at least get second pick after the Butchers...)



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