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New to Alchemists

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Hi everyone!

First off, I'm super impressed with the level of creativity and overal quality of painting on these forums! 

I just started Guild Ball (had my eye on it for quite a while, but never got around to it), I have two whole games under my belt! But since it's always better to play painted, I already have my entire Alchemists Guild done. Just thought I'd upload a few images to see what you guys think - constructive criticism is always welcome!

Without further ado:

My Alchemists:

The Captains:

The mascots (and a my ball, which ofcourse is in the process of turning to gold):

Mercury and both Calculusssess.. Calculi? Calcullesusesses... You know what I mean:

Crucible, Vitriol and Venin:

Katalyst and Compound:

And last, but not least - Veteran Katalyst:

Let me know what you guys think!


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If you're referring to the custom pose, unfortunately I can't take credit for that😅. I bought the team from our local pundit, and he did that. I just repainted them to make them 'my' team.

I'll let him know his work is appreciated!

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8 hours ago, masterkdog said:

I believe it is, Calculussuli.

I believe you are correct, sir. I'll take note of that in my grammar book :P 

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