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The Pitch: Ep.19, Frenemies. S4 cards reviewed

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In this special Guest-isode, Dan & Lance bring on Michael Klein, cohost of Anatomical Precision and we talk about all the Season 4 models previewed to date: Plowman, Anvil + Sledge, Granite, Salvo & Snakeskin.

Royalty-Free Music in this episode was used by Incomputech.com.


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Appreciate the kind words; stuff like that means a lot. 
Lance and I also enjoyed the guest-isode quite a bit and decided to do another guest-isode sooner rather than later. It might not be our NEXT episode, but it will be our NEXT NEXT episode....Pat Van Value. 

ALSO! if you guys enjoy our content PLEASE please rate us and leave a comment on iTunes. It helps us pop up in the feed. Also, I want to make sure The Pitch always pops up before Anatomical Precision. 


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