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A chance to buy the full game?

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Well, I, like many (I assume) would like a chance to purchase the Resident Evil 2 Board Game. I'm sure many like myself have emailed Steamforged Games and made an offer, requests or asked about possible ways to get the kickstarter exclusive items. I've thought a lot about why these items were exclusive and my best guess are the following reasons:

1. Not likely to sell in retail
2. You need a large print order to reduce price (so they can't just print them off each time a person wants one)
3. So the Kickstarter had some weight for those who got in on the action early and helped make the game a thing.

All of this makes sense to me but I'm pretty bummed out I didn't even know this thing was happening. I live under a rock, I know. When I found the Kickstarter I didn't check the date properly, I priced out all the items and was ready to order 1 of every single thing they had, that day. which happened to be about 11 months too late.

Look the point is, I think I'm not alone and that if enough people showed interest they might make a 3rd run. I don't want the scraps that make it to shelves, I want the whole damn game, I'm willing to pay more for missing the kickstarter but not the outrageous price of 5 times the original value that Ebay is already offering and that's before the seller even has the product. Its on the promise that when they get it, they'll ship it to you. They've got nice feed back but c'mon. Ebay cannot seriously be the only way I'm getting the moth boss or the alligator or rare characters like Sherry Birkin, Annet Birkin, Ben Bertolucci or Marvin Brannagh.

I mean without Sherry what the hell does Clair's game even look like?

Final point, if you want a third chance, Steamforged Games is in business to make money, if there's more sales possible they'll make them. There just has to be enough.

Props to the guys that supported the Kickstarter and made the game happen, they deserve their sweet deals like stretch goals and freebies. I did the math and all the original items had a total value of $256, I'm willing to pay $450 for the same. Core game, all expansions and all stretch goals $450. That's an extra $200 from the original. What would you buy and how much are you willing to pay?

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