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Expansions removed from Store?

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Hello all,

I'm afraid I am not a kickstarter backer, I only got into this game a few weeks ago from a retail copy of the game and I am loving it so far. I've been keeping an eye on the store to buy stuff when it becomes available but today I've noticed that basically everything except the darkroot expansion has been removed from the store, you are no longer even able to pre-order.

I don't see anything in the kickstarter updates, so I was wondering if this means that Steamforged is refocusing on its other ventures or if its just that they have temporarily stopped taking orders while they finish off deliver of expansions to the kickstarter backers. Will it be possible to buy expansions in future?

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I believe (though like @The Old Buzzard I’m guessing based on what I know of this project and the industry generally) that those were up as a sort of preorder to get them at KS timings.

The removal is likely down to those expansions being planned as waves of retail release, so they won’t have them available on the website until after they’re available in game stores. If they left them online permanently, there’d be no incentive for stores to stock any of it after all.

I’d expect that everything will end up available at retail over time once the KS is fulfilled (they’ve already spent the money to create the expansions, so taking them off sale permanently would be very strange!). 

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