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Stave - Great Player or GREATEST Player?

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Hey, fellow Drunks.

I had to share a crowning moment of glory from my trip to the recent Western Canadian National Championship with you liquored up ball hogs. Posted in Facebook but had to share here since it was the single best thing I've ever done in this game. This is in my Hall of Tabletop Glory alongside dropping a Carnifex in melee with my Commissar in 40K.


Third game in, Esters VS Hammer and I'm starting the game 5 points down after turn 2 against a damn good Masons player.

Fortunately, I've got the greatest single player in all of Guild Ball. An auto include in every tournament list. Untouched since Season One because you don't fuck with perfection.


While the rest of the gang gets us back in with some takeouts, a loose ball scatters. The only one with the INF and position to get it in, Stave.

He shoots. He scores. Stave goal.

But Big Poppa Stave ain't done yet. The score is now 8 - 10 for me. Brewcimate has the ball, and cannot get in a position to shoot. But Stavey Boy Jones still is.

00:00 on the clock. Keep the Ball Moving game plan card in effect. And he's engaged.

But I trust my boy.


Double Stave goals to save the day.



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