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Here’s an attempt to simulate NG+ from the DS video games:


After winning, first return all Transposed Treasures from that game to their deck. Next, all Remnant of Humanity, Starting Deck, Stamina and Common Treasure Cards from that game are placed into Inventory. To create NG+ (or higher) decks, each character can take from Inventory any Remnant of Humanity and Starting Deck Cards AND one Common Treasure OR Stamina Card for each plus, up to the max deck size limit. The max deck size limit on the Bonfire Cards is reduced by 1 for each plus.


Any Starting Deck Cards that are not used remain in Inventory with the Remnant of Humanity Cards to be available at the start of the next game. Like Remnant of Humanity Cards, they can be used to fill out any character’s deck. Finally, any Common Treasure and Stamina Cards not used are returned to their decks.


Thus, in an NG+++ game, the Starting Decks would be any 22 Card combination of Starting Deck and Remnant of Humanity Cards, plus each deck could have any combination of 3 Common Treasures or Stamina Cards, up to the max deck size limit of 25. The max deck size limit for the Bonfire Cards would be 25/28/31/34/37. 

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