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I've had some time away from the game and have been slowly getting back into the game.

I've picked up both 6 player bundles for engineers as I wanted something different from my brewers and butchers teams. Any advice would be appreciate.

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If you like fast and tricky start with Pin Vice. Add Velocity, Ratchet, Harriet, Hoist and Mother.  If you like solid and dependable Go with Ballista. You can swap Velocity for Colossus for area control. He has close control also so he's not easy to get the ball off of without dedicated attack or a dice spike. And with low knockdowns and pushes his counter attack is pretty dependable. And if distance damage is your thing you can go with either captain, Ballista for deadbolt and Mine field, or Pin Vice to give shooters deletion. Hoist True reps the play you want to copy and makes for dependable damage to soften up the enemy as they approach. I have done up to 33 damage spread across three models using Pin Vice, Hoist and Ratchet first turn. It did take 9 influence (2 for deletion, one for tooled up and 6 for blast earth) and one momentum for mechanical heart, though. Ballista helps to project force. If he kicks off, the opposing team will most likely have someone deadbolted and be forced to run through the mine field to engage the 3 def captain. His tough hide makes up for some of the def though. Biggest soft spot is Ratchet. Keep him in cover and off the front lines if possible. His fixer play and long bomb make him invaluable.

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