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Undoubtedly, the game benefits from having four characters. Although the Encounter Cards take into account the number of players, enemies still attack first and don’t have to move to hit. Also, Bosses don’t scale according to the number of characters.

To balance having less than four characters, between bonfires allow one additional use of an Heroic Ability for each missing character, with each character having to use their ability at least once. Thus in a party of three, one character can use their Heroic Ability twice. In a party of two, each character can use their ability twice. During solo play the character can use their Heroic Ability four times. Any other restrictions on Heroic Abilities still apply.

On the first use of the Heroic Ability, the character’s card is flipped as usual. For each additional use of the Heroic Ability, put a spare Encounter Cleared or Wound Token on the character to keep track of the total uses. 

The benefits of this rule are that is scales with the number of players, it doesn’t affect the mechanics of Encounters, and characters get more opportunities to use their Heroic Abilities, which are the things that differentiate each character from the others.

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