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Windfinder KD off Playbook Eye Spy

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Does a model suffer KD, from Windfinder, due to Stormwind Trait, if Windfinder triggers the Eye Spy off the playbook, and then throws it at a separate model. 

ie. Windfinder hits model A, gets 3 net results, chooses to use Eye Spy on Model B. Does Model B still become Knocked down because of this? 

The reason I ask is,  this is similar to Momentous Inspiration and Sucker Punch, which has been ruled, DOES NOT generate Momentum, because a successful Hit is required and that needs a TN test.... which does not happen when your throw something off the playbook at a secondary model.

please help :)

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I'd say the player is KD'ed.

Where Momentous Inspiration requires a successful hit, Stormwind simply requires the enemy model to be hit; the first refers to a TN test's dice result, whereas the second refers to the result of an action.

Since the wording on Glutonous Mass is a lot more similar (imo) to Stormwind's than Momentous Inspiration's, and GM applies on Playbook-triggered Character Plays, that's how I'd play it at least...

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1 hour ago, Ruffy said:

Would a model with Glutonous Mass hit by Eye Spy (and ignoring it) still suffer the KD?

GM negates the trait, the same as Duelist's Lung.

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