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Dirt Rey

Gunline tips

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I ran this list the other day:







I was putting 2 inf on balista for deadbolt, 2 on harriet then keeping her within 4 of balista for 2 sucker punches, 3 on ratchet to took up hoist then drop a blasted earth, also overclock hoist, 2 on salvo and have him heroic to use both his CPs, then hoist pulls either sucker punch and charges a low def model looking for 5 total sucker punches or doesnt charge and grabs blasted earth and drops 2 of those.

Without Hoists charge, this is still 19 damage if every blasted earth only hits one person. 

My opponent had a really tough time with that much fire power. My question is if this list is gimmicky and just caught my opponent flat footed or is there a way to play the long range murder list.

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5 hours ago, AaronHypetrainWilson said:

Ballista gunline has been a thing for a while and it can be effective, my own personal expereince against is once you get in there it folds very fast is all.

That's true.  However, the lineup you have has several good goal threats all the time and the combination  of dependable passes and hat means you have decent mobility and with Ballista's Momentous Inspiration you have the ability to create momentum even when you don't have the ball.

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