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Making a 10 post vChisel

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Hey everyone !

Now that our glorious new veteran model is here how do you build up your roster of 10 ?

(I know that in a few weeks the cap will go up to 12 but there are still many tournaments until then)


I'm building my 10 for an upcoming tourney and here are my thoughts:

We can choose between 15 models (my union choice is decimate). For diverse reasons, I find that oChisel, Granite and Lucky don't bring enough to make it to the 10.

I am left with 12 models for 10 spots.

Some profiles I can't (or won't) go without: Hammer, marbles, Brick, vChisel, Tower, Mallet, Flint.


I can see 3 choices:

- Droping vHarmony and hoping not to play against Theron/smoke (Not a bad plan for a team tournament imo)

- Going monocap and droping Honour/oHarmo and some matchup will be harder (union/obulus/farmers) but still doable.

      => Now I have seen some dual captain rosters without oHarmo, but it just feels weird to play honour without one of her biggest strength: the 10-12 influence (and often 6 VP) double activation.

- Droping Decimate and loosing the versatility of decimate (+ she is a really good "squad tactics" target for vchisel). It also means loosing the "second wind + tooled up Hammer missile" option for T1.


What are your thoughts on the subject ? What does your 10 looks like until november ?


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ah ... Interesting "out of the box" option !


I always thought him auto include but it's true that I tend to play him less and less lately.

It may be because I tend to only play Hammer latelly though ...


Don't you think Mallet is still needed in a Honour 6 ?


I find that we lack his "easy" KD and the 15" Threat range he has with superior strat T1.


Any one thinking that droping Flint might be an option ?

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If you're gonna turn 1 superior strategy someone, I'd rather it be Flint. He gets you 4VPs rather than 0-2 and he is more likely to be able to get back out again afterwards / is faster coming back on after he dies. If you want someone who just turns inf into damage, you can always run Decimate.

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I'm moving to drop Union from all my teams now that the Minor Guilds are being released, as I don't get to play much so want to make sure the games I do play are worthwhile as practice for the future.

I used to run Mist in my 10 specifically as ball retrieval, because at one event I lost two matches specifically because I could not get the ball back off Brisket. I don't enjoy playing Honour that much, massively preferring Hammer, and Brick & Mallet have issues hitting hitting 3 hits against 5/1. vChisel is now taking that Mist slot, as although she doesn't have the kick range or the Acrobatics, she does have 2" melee, 8" sprint and a mom-:T: on 1, plus even more goodness.

My 'current' (without having had any games in the last month+) 10 is:

Hammer, Marbles, Honour, oHarmony (good to bluff with 2nd Captain, occasionally play if I'm not feeling Hammer, and I think into Navigators the 2 ARM and 5+ DEF are going to be useful), Brick, vChisel, Flint, Tower, Mallet, vHarmony.

I would never, ever, drop Flint, he is a beast and by far the best goal scoring option for Masons. Plus, with 1 INF on him, he can escape from pretty much any situation, sometimes forcing opponents to take a suboptimal activation to make sure he dies before he gets out of their reach.

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I've got the same ten in mind, except Lucky for vHarmony. I seem to get him to work more often than I know what to do with vHarmony. Usually she's just a Marked Target or Smelling Salts bot, while Lucky clears a condition a turn, occasionally gives me extra influence, and can really deal some damage or go on goal runs.

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My opinion after runing some matches with vChisel.

Honour, Hammer
vChisel, Brick, Tower, Flint, vHarmony, Malet, oHarmony

More goal oriented cap, but that deasnt mean you wont be able to kill with her. Plaing double caps makes you more flexible to play agains all enemies.

Hammer will be there to do what he done earlier: "HAMMER TIME!"

becouse of that pesky monkey goat and synergy with Honour and Brick

Got shes so forgiving when plaing her with any captain. Mostly with Honour. Realocating Inf, taking someones KD to make that counterattack (im looking at you our captains). 2" mele and T on one. God shes so good.
With Honour as for her Superior Strategy 6inf missile. jog with her, use SS (3inf  to go), transfer via vChisel from her or other model to First Lady. Here you go. 15" threat range (17 with dodge. You spend 9 inf on that but first turn double goal? Make enemy think about that. If not taking ball, you can soften one enemy to kill next turn. Puting some inf on SS flint to get double goal? You will lose him that way but wait... you have honour and harmony on midfield to retake ball and try to 3-0 game. 
With Hammer i see less synergy. Assist can be devastating (+3 dmg Hammer love it) but ist realy hard to setup that. Skilled oponent will outsmart you. One trick pony.

Counter charge, do i need to say more?

Moving from home without our super striker is out of option. Making that pesky Fish or other ball loving teams form geting near him or trying to prevent his goal threat makes enemy sic

As im plaing only Masons (no union to prepare for minor) Malet mostly used against teams with 2" mele. Im using him as swap for Brick (if you dont want to let enemy make our big guy an momentum generator).

On turnament you have small ods to get alchs or hunts bot when you do, you want to have something for them. Maybe not much for kill or score but mostly for her removing skill

Must have before vChisel, now i think to swap her for someone else as with our new vet, we dont have much more inf to spare. Shes on pitch as backup plan. If something go wrong or you need to get that last dmg or someone to get that away ball or score that goal with double activation.

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